Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I'm Clever Challenge #2

It seems that last week's challenge was a success, you guys liked trying to figure the answers out.
The answers were...
(1)50 S of the USA - 50 States of the United States of America
(2)21 D on a D - 21 Dots on a Dice
(3)26 L in the A - Letters in the Alphabet
(4)64 S on a CB - 64 squares on a Chess Board
(5)366 D in a LY - 366 Days in a Leap Year
Easy when you know the answers!!

Moving onto this week's challenge... I've decided to go for something easier, movie tag lines! I'll post 5 different ones and all you have to do is tell me what movies they are from. When you are ready, email me at: taggedbydee (at) googlemail (dot) com with I'm Clever in the subject line, include your answers and name you will like on your tag providing that you are one of the first 5 to get them all right. Please also tell me if you are a member of my always list so that I don't provide you with a duplicate tag. Here's the tag lines...
(1) In space no one can hear you scream.
(2) On every street in every city, there's a nobody who dreams of being a somebody.
(3) Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.
(4) Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.
(5) Don't Answer The Phone. Don't Open The Door. Don't Try To Escape.
I'm going to be strict with one of these, you have to give me the full film title. For example, if one of the above quotes is from The Godfather, I'd need to know if it was part 1, 2 or 3. None of them are from The Godfather though lol
The contest will end Monday September 15th at 11:59 pm. Look at the clock on the left if you are unsure of my time.
Good luck!

Touch Of Pink Quick Pages

Phew! I've been busy today huh? Here's a few quick pages from my new kit, perfect if you don't have much time to scrap yourself. Each one is 12x12 and 300ppi and saved as a .png file so you simply pop your photos underneath them.
Hope you can use them.
Dee xx

Download them here

Monday, 8 September 2008

Tag Template 19

My second new template for today. I love this one and will be using it lots, I hope you feel the same way!
The gorgeous scrapkit that I used in my preview tag is a freebie!! by Kerry called 'Loving the Lilacs'. Visit her blog to download it and don't forget to leave her some love if you do. Incidentally, the love, cherish & heart elements are from my 'P.S. I Love You' kit.

Download the template here

Tag Template 18

Another new template today, I hope you like it.
The scrapkit used in my preview tag is called 'Spring Romantic' by Doreen Stolz and can be purchased here.

Download the template here

A Touch Of Pink Kit

I've just finished uploading my new freebie kit, "A Touch of Pink'. What started off as a mini kit steadily turned into another biggie, I don't think I'm capable of making mini kits lol Included are 16 12 inch square papers in jpeg format and 90 elements that are png files. Everything is 300ppi so ideal for printing. The taggers size is 700 x 700 pixels.
I hope you like it and I'll try my best to get some quick pages out during the week and an alpha perhaps too. If you download please don't forget to leave me some love.
Dee xx

Download 12 x 12 papers here
Elements here

Taggers sized kit here

Tag Template 17

I've got a new tag template for you today, will have some more in the week, just need to make up some preview tags using them and I will share. I like including a 'sample tag' simply because templates don't always look so good on their own, know what I mean?
Anyway here's template #17 and the scrapkit used in my tag is from my new kit 'A Touch of Pink'. Hope you like & please say thanks if you download.
Dee xx

Download template 17 here

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

RE: I'm Clever Challenge #1

I neglected to mention this in my previous post...
Challenge #1 will close on Monday 8th September at 11:59pm. Any answers after that time will not be valid. To know the time where I am, there's a pretty big clock on the right hand side lol
Once again, good luck xx

I'm Clever Challenge #1

I love quizzes, puzzles and anything that will get the old grey matter working so I thought I'd do a trial run of a puzzle game, if people are interested I will do it every week.
I will post a few questions and all I want you to do is email me the answers. The first 5 people to get them ALL right will get a tag. If nobody gives all the correct answers then the winners will be the first 5 to get the most right. I should say too, that if I do this every week, the questions will not follow the same format, there could be quiz questions, true or false or anything that I fancy so if you don't like the look of this set of questions, check back next week.

Once you have the answers all you have to do is email me: taggedbydee (at) googlemail (dot) com with I'm Clever in the subject line. If you don't put anything in the subject line, I'll assume it's spam and will delete without reading it. Include your answers and the name you would like on your tag if you are a winner. Please let me know if you are a member of my Always List so that I don't give you duplicate tags. All emails will be answered even if it's just to let you know you haven't won.

Ok, ready for this week's questions?

An example: If 24 H in a D = 24 Hours in a Day, what are these?

(1)50 S of the USA
(2)21 D on a D
(3)26 L in the A
(4)64 S on a CB
(5)366 D in a LY

Good luck!

This challenge has now closed.

My Day & A Freebie

I had my first injection today for the pernicious aneamia/vitamin B12 deficiency and after being told by the nurse that it would hurt a lot, I was pleasantly surprised. Yes it hurt a little like any injection but it wasn't half as bad as I was beginning to imagine. I'm not sure if I am imagining it or not but I am beginning to feel a bit better. According to her though, I don't just have to have the 3 this week, I have to have them Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week too and then every 12 weeks after. I'll find out for certain on Wednesday when I have my next one. If it'll do me good which it will then I'm all for it. I would also like to thank everyone for the love, kindness and support I have been shown during all my health problems. When I have been having a very low day, it has been those messages that have helped to get me through. I have met some of the nicest people who have been there to listen to me moan, rant and cry and you will never know how much I have appreciated being able to do that, I just hope I can do the same for you.

I can't believe it was the first of September today, well yesterday as it's gone midnight, hasn't this year flown?!?! I finished getting the last minute bits and pieces that I'd forgotten for Jadie going back to school in the morning. I know most parents are very, very glad that it's that time of the year after having the kids off for the long summer holiday but I'm so going to miss having her home and under my feet all day lol I'm lucky that she loves going and I won't have to drag her out of bed in the morning. Good luck to those of you who have children starting their first school's this week, I hope everything goes well and they enjoy it.

Ooh and I have a freebie... Here is an alpha to go with my latest kit. It's saved as individual .png files (those alpha sheets drive me crazy too!) and is, of course, suitable for printing with the main kit. I have also made a taggers sized alpha, so those of you who would use it in your tags only can save a smaller file. It contains both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and a few symbols - 67 files in total.
I hope you like it & please leave a comment if you decide to download it.
Dee xx

Download the full sized alpha here

Taggers size here