Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I'm Clever Challenge #1

I love quizzes, puzzles and anything that will get the old grey matter working so I thought I'd do a trial run of a puzzle game, if people are interested I will do it every week.
I will post a few questions and all I want you to do is email me the answers. The first 5 people to get them ALL right will get a tag. If nobody gives all the correct answers then the winners will be the first 5 to get the most right. I should say too, that if I do this every week, the questions will not follow the same format, there could be quiz questions, true or false or anything that I fancy so if you don't like the look of this set of questions, check back next week.

Once you have the answers all you have to do is email me: taggedbydee (at) googlemail (dot) com with I'm Clever in the subject line. If you don't put anything in the subject line, I'll assume it's spam and will delete without reading it. Include your answers and the name you would like on your tag if you are a winner. Please let me know if you are a member of my Always List so that I don't give you duplicate tags. All emails will be answered even if it's just to let you know you haven't won.

Ok, ready for this week's questions?

An example: If 24 H in a D = 24 Hours in a Day, what are these?

(1)50 S of the USA
(2)21 D on a D
(3)26 L in the A
(4)64 S on a CB
(5)366 D in a LY

Good luck!

This challenge has now closed.

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