Sunday, 26 October 2008

New Tutorials & A Tag

I woke up this morning to some wonderful creations in my inbox!
The first is a tag by Chas - isn't it stunning?! She always makes such lovely tags, I just wish she would lend me some of her mojo!

This one was by Tina who has used one of my templates to make a tutorial called Love is a flower - which I think is gorgeous. If you fancy trying it, it can be found here.

Another tut using my template this one by Lorna. I love the colours in this tag soooooo much lol If you fancy trying it, it can be found here called Funky Lovin.

And Finally, Wilma created a tutorial that I love using my Boyz Rule kit and pictures of her adorable son... isn't he cute?! The tutorial is in dutch and can be found here.

A big thank you to these 4 ladies for sharing their creations with me, it was a fab surprise to find these in my ibox this morning :c)
Dee xx

Latest with me

I'm glad that the new link to template 11 is now working, so sorry for the glitch.

I haven't been having too great a week this week. I've been in constant pain with my stomach, my wrists, the tops of my arms and elbow and shoulder on my left side which is making it hard to use the computer. I had an appointment to see my doctor at 1:35 Thursday afternoon so there I was sitting in the surgery waiting. When it got to 2pm the receptionist called me over and asked if I would see another doctor as mine had been called out to an emergency... I wasn't too happy but I ended up seeing my mother's doctor who was lovely. We have had some more results back and it's now been confirmed that I do have pernicious aneamia which means that my body can't absorb the vitamin B12 as opposed to not having enough B12 due to my diet, so at least now I know that none of this is my fault. Things are still pointing heavily towards me having PCOS, I should have an appointment through for around the end of November to go and have a scan to confirm it and then I can get on with the treatment. The only other thing that was brought up that I've not talked about before is my red blood count is higher than it should be. At the moment it isn't too bad but if it gets any higher then I would need to be put onto some blood thinning medication because of the increased risk of clots. Wonderful! Any more tablets and I'm going to start rattling when I walk lol
I have an appointment for more blood tests now in 3 weeks time and I'll see my doctor (hopefully my own this time) a week or so after that to get my results by which time I should have the appointment through for the ultasound and I'm due my B12 injection around then so the end of November is going to be busy for me.
As for scraps, I am working on a new kit but as I said I can't spend too much time on the computer until this pain eases but hopefully I will have it finished towards the end of the week as well as some more elements and templates.
Dee xx

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Tag Template 11 - New Link

Ok folks, here's a new link for template 11 - keep your fingers crossed it works now.
Dee xx
Download here

Monday, 20 October 2008

RE: Tag Template #11

I have had a few people leave messages saying that the link to download this template is no longer valid. I have just double checked myself and it's working fine - 4shared must have been playing up at the time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Dee xx

CT Call

Hiya everyone
I am looking for a CT team which will include both digi scrappers and taggers/tutorial writers.
If you are interested please email me with a little bit about yourself, why you would like to be on my team and share a few of your creations. The call will end on November 3rd - 2 weeks from now - I will then choose and notify everyone.
Please put CT call or similar in the subject line, blank emails are always deleted unread.
Thank you
Dee xx

The call is now closed.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

All Hallows Eve Mega Freebie

I finally managed to get this kit uploaded a little earlier on after hours of trying... thank you 4shared!! lol You guys have done me proud with all the downloads, I can't believe how quickly you reached and surpassed my target, thank you so much!!
After all the hype, I just hope that you won't be disappointed *blush*
This kit is jam packed with stuff, so much so that the preview does not do it justice. The papers are 12x12 and everything was created at 300ppi so if you want to print out you can. I really hope you like it.
Dee xx

Links to download...
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Taggers size

I've got awards :c)

Woohoo I've received my first two awards! The first was given to me by Kimmy of Kimmy's Kloset, and RhondaSue of Craftymumz Creations thank you both!

This award is called the "Proximidade Award" or "Friendship Around The World Award". Originally this award was written in Spanish, but it translates to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way, and also to extend the hand of friendship around the world.And now I have to pass this award on to 8 blogs.
Here's my 8...
Div of Div's this and that
RhondaSue of Craftymumz Creations
Krissy of Krissy's Scraps
Paula of Scrapz A Daisy
Mirella of Scrapity Scrap and More
Sooze of Scrappin & Stuff with Sooze
Missy of Divine Intentionz
Kerry of Kerry's Kreationz

Another Award...

I got this fab award from Div of Div's this and that... Thank you hun!
Here are the rules:
1.The winner can put the logo on her blog
2.Link the person you received your award from.
3.Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4.Put links of those blogs on yours.
5.Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated.
6.If the Blogger you nominate has already received this award they don’t need to pass it on.
So here are my 7!

Shawna of Scrap Stuff with PSP Tutorials
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Bel Vidotti
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Kirsty of Kirsty's Scraps
Twinky of Twinky's Dezines
Laura of Cinnamon Scraps

Dee xx

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

FYI re Mystery Kit

Hiya everyone,
Thank you so much for all the downloads these last few days, you have well surpassed the 20,000 that I wanted. I would have been posting the kit tonight as everything's good to go but I'm having major problems with 4shared argh!! I've been trying to upload the files since 9pm, it's now 11:50 and so far only 1 has uploaded successfully. I've no idea why I'm getting "Your file has failed to upload" messages but I'm hoping that it's an issue with 4shared rather than with me. If it wasn't for having the builders in all week I would stay up through the night to get them uploaded but as I can't, I will have to try again tomorrow night. Sorry about the glitch!
Dee xx

Scalloped Frames Freebie

Fed up with stuff yet? This is my last post for tonight as I'm completely shattered and I have builders in tomorrow and for the rest of the week so I need my sleep!!
There are 4 scalloped frames in the pack, 1 square, 1 plain circle, 1 circle with dots and 1 circle with stars. Hope you like them.
See you tomorrow!
Dee xx

Download here

Journal Boxes Freebie

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm on a cardboard kick! It's so versatile as it will go with pretty much anything and if you don't like brown then simply recolour. There are 7 in the pack and shadows were added only for the preview. Hope they come in useful.
Dee xx

Download here

Monday, 13 October 2008

Cardboard Tag Alpha

How about a tiny tag alpha? It contains 26 uppercase letters and numbers 0-9, 1 staple and a tag topper bow. Hope you like.
Dee xx

Download here

Frame Collection 2

Here's a set of 10 cardboard frames with different coloured ribbons, they coordinate with the metal flowers too. Hope you like them.
Dee xx

Download here

Metal Flowers Freebie

You know when you've almost finished a layout and there's that little something missing? I made these when having that exact problem. Hopefully they'll be that missing piece for you too.
Taggers: I didn't make a separate version because the file size is so small, so you can resize them to your own liking.
Dee xx

Download here

12x12 Templates 1, 2 & 3

There are some wonderful free templates available on the web so I thought I may as well try my hand at doing some too. Either I'll crash and burn or someone will like them. When I'm scrapping I tend to make Layouts that are clear, uncluttered and to the point which I think these templates are. I really hope you like them.
Dee xx

Download template 1 here

Download Template 2 here

Download Template 3 here

Oops! Forgot to say they are in .psd format so will work with both photoshop & paint shop pro :c)

You Guys Are Fab!

All I can say is it's a good job I have the mystery Halloween kit finished because you've been snagging like mad today. 943 downloads in 24 hours, I am more than impressed. Thank you!! A massive thanks for all the wonderful comments you've been leaving me as well, these make me want to create more and more free stuff. Speaking of which... I am currently uploading 8 files now, not as many as I hoped but tomorrow's another day right?
Thank you again for all the downloads xx

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Tutorial Using My Template

I've just looked in my inbox and saw this cute tag that was made using my template #3. Thank you Jill for showing it to me. If you would like to try this tutorial, you can find it here along with many other fab tuts. This one is called It's Fall :c)

Another Freebie? Maybe...

How do you fancy getting your hands on another freebie? A Halloween kit? Make that a mega Halloween kit that comprises of 29 papers and nearly 100 elements? Did I mention that it's 100% free? Are you interested? Do you want?
Well here's my challenge to you. I would like my total downloads to reach 20,000 - it's currently 18,819 so another 1,181 downloads to go. Tell all your friends about my blog, share the previews of my kits and a link to my blog with your groups, do what you have to. I have just posted two new kits, I have scrap templates, tag templates, frames and element packages to put the finishing touches to tomorrow and Tuesday so there will be plenty of new stuff to download so that I can get the kit. You can check how the downloads are going here, if/when they reach 20,000 I will post links to the kit the next time I am online.
Dee xx

I'm A Survivor Freebie

I couldn't let this month pass without making a Breast Cancer Awareness kit. Most of us know someone who has been diagnosed with the disease that does not discriminate. It doesn't care whether you're old or young, slim or curvy, even male or female. I was surprised to read about how many new male cases there are every year for a predominately female cancer. I did think about charging for this kit and giving the proceeds to the breast cancer appeal but instead I urge you all to donate something to the cause... every little helps!
I hope you like the kit, it is 12 x 12 300ppi and contains 12 papers, 70 elements and an alpha with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers & symbols. Not everything is shown in the preview.
Dee xx

Download here

Taggers size here

Boyz Rule Freebie

Am I alone in finding it hard to make kits that are aimed at boys? I think because I haven't got any, there's no real inclination on my part anyway to create them but I know there are lots of you who do have little male darlings so I thought I would at least try and here's what I came up with. There are 9 papers and 39 elements so by my standards it is a mini kit although some of you might think differently! As always everything is created as 300 ppi and the papers are 12 x 12 so ideal for printing out. I hope you like and can use it.
Dee xx

Download here

Taggers sized here

Not A Good Blogger

My apologies in advance to those who have subscribed purely for news of new kits because this is going to be a pretty long winded post with an update on me for those of you who have been moaning that I haven't posted in a while and you've had to email me for news! Yep I mean YOU! lol
Health wise, I am not doing too badly. I last saw my doctor about 3 weeks ago and from the few results he had back, it's now highly likely that I have PCOS so he's referred me to the hospital to have an ultrasound done on my ovaries and see a specialist because it's not his field. He told me that both appointments would be classed as urgent... I've had two letters in the last 10 days, the first saying that I'm on the waiting list for an ultrasound which will take 8 weeks and an appointment to see a specialist will take anything up to 6 months. So much for urgent!! I'm still having blood tests done every few weeks, starting to feel like a human pin cushion! Wouldn't be so bad if they were only taking one tube of blood but it's 5 or 6 at a time. I now look upon my doctor's surgery as a second home... if only they had tea and coffee facilities, I'd be sorted!
The reason I am feeling better isn't down to medication as you might presume but I'm on a new diet and it's amazing. I don't need or want to lose a lot of weight but the way I was eating wasn't doing me any good. I was eating just one meal a day because I just wasn't hungry, sometimes I would even go for a few days without eating anything, my appetite was rubbish. A few weeks ago though I met a woman who was a herbalife consultant and got talking about the diet/nutrition plan. She had lost over half her body weight and when she showed me a picture of her before, you would never have guessed it was the same person. I started on the plan 10 days ago, it is so good. You substitute two meals for two shakes, have a balanced meal with protein, carbs and veggies and can have two nutritious snacks a day, e.g. fruit. The shakes are yummy and there are loads of flavours (I've got strawberry and cappuccino which is gorgeous with hot milk) my doctor was actually surprised how packed full of vitamins and nutrients they are and although he told me not to expect results because of the PCOS, I lost an inch off my chest, 3 inches of my waist, 2.5 off my hips and 2 inches from my thighs in the first week but the way I'm feeling since being on it is amazing. The great things as well is, when you've lost the desired weight and your BMI is at a healthy level, you cut down to one shake so you're still getting all the goodness and are less likely to put the weight back on. As you can tell I highly recommend this to anyone who needs to lose weight or just get healthy.
So that's me. Oh and even though I've been so busy this last month I have made up 2 new kits which will be posted soon and I have a surprise too hehehe
Dee xx