Sunday, 26 October 2008

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I'm glad that the new link to template 11 is now working, so sorry for the glitch.

I haven't been having too great a week this week. I've been in constant pain with my stomach, my wrists, the tops of my arms and elbow and shoulder on my left side which is making it hard to use the computer. I had an appointment to see my doctor at 1:35 Thursday afternoon so there I was sitting in the surgery waiting. When it got to 2pm the receptionist called me over and asked if I would see another doctor as mine had been called out to an emergency... I wasn't too happy but I ended up seeing my mother's doctor who was lovely. We have had some more results back and it's now been confirmed that I do have pernicious aneamia which means that my body can't absorb the vitamin B12 as opposed to not having enough B12 due to my diet, so at least now I know that none of this is my fault. Things are still pointing heavily towards me having PCOS, I should have an appointment through for around the end of November to go and have a scan to confirm it and then I can get on with the treatment. The only other thing that was brought up that I've not talked about before is my red blood count is higher than it should be. At the moment it isn't too bad but if it gets any higher then I would need to be put onto some blood thinning medication because of the increased risk of clots. Wonderful! Any more tablets and I'm going to start rattling when I walk lol
I have an appointment for more blood tests now in 3 weeks time and I'll see my doctor (hopefully my own this time) a week or so after that to get my results by which time I should have the appointment through for the ultasound and I'm due my B12 injection around then so the end of November is going to be busy for me.
As for scraps, I am working on a new kit but as I said I can't spend too much time on the computer until this pain eases but hopefully I will have it finished towards the end of the week as well as some more elements and templates.
Dee xx

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