Monday, 23 February 2009

Not a trick question, just a stupid one

I promise you there is a reason why I'm asking you what may seem a stupid question, let me explain... My eyes have always been blue yet over the last few months they have begun to change colour and now look green. My doctor is totally stumped as to why, he has no clue whatsoever. The only logical reason he gave me is if I'd had a head trauma then that could cause it so seeing as I haven't, we don't know what's going on. I've been asking all my friends to tell me the colour of my eyes (they do look at me a bit weird, like you're 27 and you don't know what colour your eyes are?!? lol) but even they can't agree on a definite colour, half say blue, half say green. So help a girl out and please tell me what colour are my eyes?

Jade Goody

So Jade Goody and her boyfriend Jack got married yesterday, it is just a shame that unlike many young couples who tie the knot, this unity will not be a long one. Whatever you think of Jade – and before her diagnosis I can't say I was particularly fond of her – you cannot help but feel for the family she will be leaving behind. Her two sons are just 5 and 4 years old so not only does she have to prepare herself but those two young lads for a life without mummy. I cannot begin to imagine the heartache they're going through and I hope I never understand pain like that but it does make you think. She's only 27 the same age as me and a lot of my friends who are around their late 20's simply haven't bothered to have a smear test but this has been a wakeup call for us and I hope it will be for everyone. Fair enough, having a smear isn't the nicest way to spend your time but the alternative doesn't bear thinking about.

Now that the wedding is over and a lot of money has been made from magazine and tv deals for the boys, I hope she will spend the precious time she has left with her family and not with a tv camera.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

C'mon Wales/Happy Valentine's Day

Can you believe we're in the middle of February already? I don't know where the time has got to but at least if you're reading this then you managed to survive Friday the 13th lol
I know today is Valentine's Day but in Wales there is a much more important event going on... something that only happens once a year... if the outcome is positive a lot of babies will be conceived this weekend (I'm not joking either)... if the outcome is negative then... nah we won't go thinking like that... it is of course, a 6 Nations weekend but more importantly than that it is Wales vs England at the Millennium Stadium this evening. I'm not a huge rugby fan I'll admit, football is my sport of choice, but at this time of year it doesn't matter whether you hate or love the game, every single Welsh person wants to beat the English. Here's hoping that it will be a great game and it ends the right way with a Welsh win lol
Ymlaen Cymru/C'mon Wales!!

Back to Valentine's Day and a bit of useless information for you. According to ancient tradition St. Valentine's is the wedding day of the birds, the day on which they choose their mates for the year. So not just a day for hugely overpriced red roses and chocolates and Hallmark greeting cards then! I wish every one of you a great day spent with loved ones and to the single readers, perhaps you will be like the birds and choose your mate for the year today *wink*

Thursday, 12 February 2009

A new kit - 3 Little Words

About time I had another new kit right? I am a little late with doing a valentines kit this year because work is manic and Jadie's birthday was last weekend so I'm having very little spare time but if you're anything like me, you end up scrapping events weeks after they happen lol

So onto the kit. There's a real focus on wordart in this one, something that I am always using in my layouts. It includes 18 papers and 79 elements, everything is 300ppi (taggers is 72ppi) which is great for printing. I hope you like it and if you download, leave me a bit of love - it is valentines after all lol.

Full size papers

Full size elements

Taggers size

And here's what my some of my CT have been up to...

From Bree - and I thought women were the only ones to go gaga over chocolate lol He looks so full of mischief in the first photo especially, talk about these being priceless!

Linda has made 3 gorgeous tags with the kit, I'm sure you'll agree that they're all great.

Thank you girls!

A tutorial and layout from Wilma

Wilma has so nicely written up a tutorial using her winning entry to my All About Me comp that I ran a few weeks ago. Everything she's used is from the freebie add-on. You can check out the tut here.

And here's a layout that she's done with the full kit. What great pictures right? and isn't her son just completely adorable?!

Thank you Wilma!