Sunday, 12 October 2008

Not A Good Blogger

My apologies in advance to those who have subscribed purely for news of new kits because this is going to be a pretty long winded post with an update on me for those of you who have been moaning that I haven't posted in a while and you've had to email me for news! Yep I mean YOU! lol
Health wise, I am not doing too badly. I last saw my doctor about 3 weeks ago and from the few results he had back, it's now highly likely that I have PCOS so he's referred me to the hospital to have an ultrasound done on my ovaries and see a specialist because it's not his field. He told me that both appointments would be classed as urgent... I've had two letters in the last 10 days, the first saying that I'm on the waiting list for an ultrasound which will take 8 weeks and an appointment to see a specialist will take anything up to 6 months. So much for urgent!! I'm still having blood tests done every few weeks, starting to feel like a human pin cushion! Wouldn't be so bad if they were only taking one tube of blood but it's 5 or 6 at a time. I now look upon my doctor's surgery as a second home... if only they had tea and coffee facilities, I'd be sorted!
The reason I am feeling better isn't down to medication as you might presume but I'm on a new diet and it's amazing. I don't need or want to lose a lot of weight but the way I was eating wasn't doing me any good. I was eating just one meal a day because I just wasn't hungry, sometimes I would even go for a few days without eating anything, my appetite was rubbish. A few weeks ago though I met a woman who was a herbalife consultant and got talking about the diet/nutrition plan. She had lost over half her body weight and when she showed me a picture of her before, you would never have guessed it was the same person. I started on the plan 10 days ago, it is so good. You substitute two meals for two shakes, have a balanced meal with protein, carbs and veggies and can have two nutritious snacks a day, e.g. fruit. The shakes are yummy and there are loads of flavours (I've got strawberry and cappuccino which is gorgeous with hot milk) my doctor was actually surprised how packed full of vitamins and nutrients they are and although he told me not to expect results because of the PCOS, I lost an inch off my chest, 3 inches of my waist, 2.5 off my hips and 2 inches from my thighs in the first week but the way I'm feeling since being on it is amazing. The great things as well is, when you've lost the desired weight and your BMI is at a healthy level, you cut down to one shake so you're still getting all the goodness and are less likely to put the weight back on. As you can tell I highly recommend this to anyone who needs to lose weight or just get healthy.
So that's me. Oh and even though I've been so busy this last month I have made up 2 new kits which will be posted soon and I have a surprise too hehehe
Dee xx

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Tammy Jean's Creations said...

Dee, I have PCOS. If you want to know what I am doing to be pain free from this disease please contact me. Thanks for all your wonderful and generous sharing with us!

Hugs, Tammy Jean