Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hiya folks!
Yep, I'm back at long last lol I won't go into the ins and outs as to why I've been awol but I'm around again now and I've got my creative buzz with me. So much so that my CT have been playing with a new kit and it'll be released on Sunday. It ill be a PTU kit but there'll be chances to win it and not just for one or two people either, check back on Sunday for some more details. I'm busy working on an add on and quick pages to go with it at the moment.
So how was everyone's Christmas and New Year? Ours was really nice, quiet with just the 3 of us on Christmas day and we spent most of our time playing with all Jadie's new toys and on the wii. OMG how much fun is that?! I'd been trying to get one since before last Christmas but whenever I had the money, the shops didn't have any - typical really. I'm not that into letting kids sit in front of video games rather than running around outside but you need so much energy to play most of the games we have that I don't mind her playing with it. I, of course, was spoilt rotten at Christmas. I had loads of books on scrap booking and some related magazine subscriptions which will all come in handy when I need some ideas! My mam was over the moon with the photo book that I'd made her (I spoke about it Oct/Nov time?) and she's been proudly showing it off to everyone she even vaguely knows... I'm half expecting her to stop strangers in the street and say 'hey do you want to see what my daughter made me for Christmas?' lol At least I know what to get her for the next few Christmas and Birthdays.
Speaking of birthday, it's mine today. Isn't it funny that as you get older birthdays just seem like any other day? I didn't wake up with the excitement of jelly and ice cream and balloons at a party, I looked in the mirror and there are no obvious signs that I'm suddenly another year older, although hopefully I'll have another few years before the wrinkles and gray hair start attacking me with a vengeance (fingers firmly crossed!)
This year, I plan to be more active on my blog and more creative in photoshop so there will be at least 1 kit every month that will be free, I don't plan on going PTU only because I get too much enjoyment from providing you with freebies but every once in a while a little money wouldn't go amiss to buy more supplies and therefore make more kits.
Hugs Dee xx

P.S. Incase you're wondering where my CBox has gone, I had to remove it because of all the spammers so if you want to leave me a message just do so on the bottom of one of my posts - I do read them all.


Wilma said...

Great to see you're 'back in business' Dee!
I surely look sunday on your blog!

Greetz, Wilma from the Netherlands

Regina said...

Glad to see you're back. I have a new email it's so if you have sent anything there I haven't got anything. I'm having alot of problems with yahoo email anymore.