Saturday, 14 February 2009

C'mon Wales/Happy Valentine's Day

Can you believe we're in the middle of February already? I don't know where the time has got to but at least if you're reading this then you managed to survive Friday the 13th lol
I know today is Valentine's Day but in Wales there is a much more important event going on... something that only happens once a year... if the outcome is positive a lot of babies will be conceived this weekend (I'm not joking either)... if the outcome is negative then... nah we won't go thinking like that... it is of course, a 6 Nations weekend but more importantly than that it is Wales vs England at the Millennium Stadium this evening. I'm not a huge rugby fan I'll admit, football is my sport of choice, but at this time of year it doesn't matter whether you hate or love the game, every single Welsh person wants to beat the English. Here's hoping that it will be a great game and it ends the right way with a Welsh win lol
Ymlaen Cymru/C'mon Wales!!

Back to Valentine's Day and a bit of useless information for you. According to ancient tradition St. Valentine's is the wedding day of the birds, the day on which they choose their mates for the year. So not just a day for hugely overpriced red roses and chocolates and Hallmark greeting cards then! I wish every one of you a great day spent with loved ones and to the single readers, perhaps you will be like the birds and choose your mate for the year today *wink*


kazbat2006 said...

Im a big rugby fan and im affraid i have to say come on England..... lol - i just love the England Wales matches.....

Luv Kaz

.:Bree:. said...

Thank you so much for my history lesson of the day! I had no idea what today was in Wales! lol I barely notice Valentines day! :)

You're a doll! *muah*

kazbat2006 said...

I know Wales won - good match though...:0)

Luv Kaz

Mercy said...

Hello Dee :)
just wanted to let you know, there's ana award for you on my blog!!!

have a nice day/night

Dee said...

Lol Kaz, it was a great match as it normally is between the two of us and not as one sided as everyone thought before either!!